We are two Pacific Northwest natives that are so grateful for our family of two (four if you count our fur babies). We hope to add to this family so we can share our humor, consistency, stability, curiosity, and most of all our unconditional love and positive regard.


Janis is rarely surprised but Dave pulled this off with a little help from our friend. She said yes!


We have close connections to our families and love to hang out with them. Pictured here are our nephews and sister/sister-in law.

This silly selfie captures us best. A little goofy together and full of joy!

Travel Bug!

Our relationship began long distance from Washington state to Germany! We’ve really enjoyed traveling overseas and here in the US. We aspire to expose our children to many languages and cultures, especially their own.

“Dave is the “Uncle” that every kid wants; fun, energetic, outgoing and great to be around. He has always been great with all 3 of them, even handling them with calmness and grace when they are not at their best. Early on the boys connected with Janis and have always enjoyed their time with her. Her ability to have meaningful conversations with a heart for listening to hear and understand will make her a great mother.”

– Dave’s sister and brother-in-law

How we met

We met through mutual friends in 2010 right before Dave moved to Germany. Our online courtship went on for five months before we met up again in New York City. We see this willingness to meet up again as what defines us- able to risk when it is for a consistent, caring, loving person. We truly hope to role model this for our children.

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